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The essential guide to nourishing the next generation.

This book will forever change your family’s relationship with food. It holds the answers to our nourishment crisis and exposes our cultural food norms that are largely responsible for the epidemic of chronic disease that affects half of all Americans. In Nourish Your Tribe, Nicole Magryta, MBA, RDN, a 20-year veteran of clinical nutrition, describes the powerful impact that food and the environment have on our children’s development and long-term success. Using clear parenting techniques, illustrations, and the latest science-verified nutritional recommendations, she gives compassionate, expert guidance to maximize your family’s lifelong health and minimize illness.

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Nourish Your Tribe includes:

-Science-based nutrition recommendations proven to strengthen your child’s immune system and improve brain function, sleep, mood, and concentration.

-How food and nourishment are linked to common childhood conditions like ADHD, anxiety, headaches, IBS, eczema, and mood and behavior issues.

-Guidelines to wisely navigate today’s complex food culture.

-Groundbreaking data showing how foods can to turn on and off our genes.

-How to improve and nurture your family’s gut bacteria, the single most essential tool for optimal health.

-Proven strategies for picky eaters and behavioral tips to encourage healthy eating.

-Surprising news about environmental toxins and how to dramatically reduce exposure.

-A seven-day whole food meal plan with over 60 kid-tested recipes to get you started.

Empowering and hands-on, Nourish Your Tribe acknowledges that quality nourishment is essential to reaching full human potential — a crucial factor for countless parents committed to raising a healthy child.

“Nourish Your Tribe is a comprehensive, educational tool that empowers parents to maximize nutrition and health for themselves and their families.  A book that parents can regularly refer back to for continuing knowledge about health.  A must-read for all parents.”
— Jennifer Hudson, M.D., pediatrician and founder of Witty Bit World
“This is the best book that I have read on nutrition.  It’s an excellent reference book for every physician’s library.”   
— Wayne Koontz, M.D, 50 year veteran of pediatrics
“Busy parents—is there any other other kind?—face daunting odds to get their kids to follow a healthy, nutritious diet, starting with a culture that endlessly hawks bad food and ending with that 5 year-old boss at the kitchen table whose sole food group is mac ‘n cheese. Help is on the way. In Nourish Your Tribe, Nicole Magryta gives us an invaluable, practical guide to building smart, healthy, pleasurable family eating habits that even the busiest parents can master.”
— Ken Cook, President, Environmental Working Group