About Nicole Magryta

I am a self-proclaimed foodie. Good food makes me happy.

I am also a clinical nutritionist, which means good healthy food makes me even happier. I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and I’m a woman with great passion.

I chose to study the field of nutrition science because I'm curious — and naturally intuitive — around food and how it affects our health. When I finally got the opportunity to study nutrition in school, I was awestruck by the magnificent symphony of events that happens in each and every one of our 10 trillion cells. I realized that everything is dynamic. Our cells are always morphing, in a constant dance, responding quietly — without us noticing — to our ever-changing external environment of food.

If there is one thing I know for sure, its that most people have no idea how good their bodies are supposed to feel.

Over the past 20 years, I have had the privilege to learn from some of the greatest minds in my field. Food and health have been my passion, and passing some of that knowledge on to you is my mission.  I have seen thousands of patients, family members, and friends with so many ailments that can be helped, if not cured, from changing their diets. Ailments like acne, arthritis, migraines, constipation, irritable bowel, poor lipid panels, ADHD, diabetes, thyroid issues, mood disorders, poor concentration, ... the list goes on and on. Change is not always easy and it sometimes takes months or years to solidify, but when such incredible life-affirming results are acknowledged and celebrated, there is no turning back. 

If there is one thing I know for sure, its that most people have no idea how good their bodies are supposed to feel. It's like being in love: you don’t know how great it is until you experience it for the first time. Once you feel it, you’ll never settle for less.

I’m glad you found my website and hope it supports your journey to a balanced healthy life. I’m passionate about sharing my latest discoveries in health and nutrition research and get even more jazzed when I find real-life connections that heal, nourish, and support the ones we love the most.

My goal is to take all my collective wisdom and distill it into a practical cocktail of usable tips that can dramatically change your life. Fabulous food. Growing spirit. Wholesome living. Steadfast support. It's all here. 

And I hope to share it all with you.

May your path to nourishment prosper.



What I Know Now

After years of training as a integrative nutritionist, I have come to understand that food is medicine and it directly speaks to the root cause of illness. I have also learned the equally important truth that our emotional health and spirit co-create our overall well being.  When you choose to give your attention to both food and spirit, you choose to become the best version of yourself.

My approach to healthy eating begins with the understanding that each of us is biologically unique.  No one diet works for everyone.  Just as no one has the same fingerprint, no one body responds the same to food or to the emotional environment that surrounds it.  I believe that each person has unique dietary needs that are based upon genetics, how you ate as a child, emotional health, level of activity, gender, lifestyle choices, environmental exposure, and gut health. 

Each organ system, such as the digestive system, the immune system, and the detoxification system, are all connected and talk to one another.  Food speaks to every living cell in our body and provides instructions on how these cells should function. As your food choices and emotional life get better, your biochemistry improves. This truth, although fundamentally simple, is profoundly healing. 

Official Bio

Nicole Magryta is a clinically trained integrative nutritionist with a focus on holistic health and lifestyle medicine. She began her career and completed her clinical training at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center where she learned the fundamentals of patient care and acute disease management.  

Her insatiable craving to continually grow and learn led her to holistic healing centers and integrative programs like the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC where she gained a new perspective on health coaching.

Over the past 9 years, Nicole has been a student of the functional medicine model, which is grounded in the principles of biochemical individuality and the web-like interconnections of all organ systems. Getting at the root cause of disease, is central to this model.

Nicole's journey over the past 20 years in nutrition science has given her a unique perspective on treating and helping those with chronic disease.  She's been in private practice for the past 8 years, helping people dispel myths about their diagnoses, empowering families to heal and thrive, and teaching her community about the power of food and spirit.

In her free time, she daydreams of traveling the world as a food entrepreneur, conducting research across cultures of Europe and Asia. More importantly, she is a grateful mother of two fabulous children, the wife to a brilliant doctor with an unmatched love for life, and a permanent student of the ever changing, complex, and exciting world of nutritional medicine.


  • LDN: Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, State of North Carolina
  • RD:  Registered Dietitian, American Dietetics Association, University of Virginia, Dietetic Internship
  • MBA: Masters of Business Administration, McColl School of Business, Queens University
  • BS: Bachelors of Science in Medical Nutrition Therapy, University of Dayton
  • CHC: Certified Holistic Counselor, Institute for Integrative Nutrition