Welcome! I'm Nicole, an integrative nutritionist and natural living crusader. I'm going to teach you that food matters -- its your medicine, your best kept secret to unlocking your potential to thrive and live your best life ever. Get comfy - I can't wait to share all my discoveries with you! 

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My primary intention is to teach you to live in optimal health through evidence-based nutrition science and holistic living techniques. I can do that with you, your family, your co-workers, or I can help your business carry that same mission into the market. 

Personal Health Coaching

Good health is an essential part of leading a balanced, happy life. I can help you get there through personal health coaching. 

Corporate Nutrition Classes

High-functioning teams are healthy teams! Learn more about my corporate nutrition classes and join the ranks of GE, ConAgra, and more in bringing health to your organization!

Small Business & Corporate Food Consulting

Starting a business in speciality food manufacturing? I can help you connect to your market and ensure that your production process embraces the healthy lifestyle your customers are living. 

I adore the kitchen, and spend a lot of time there — from crafting fantastic meals with my family to celebrating food as a safe, effective natural remedy. Here you'll find my latest recipes and remedies free to use for you and your family, along with resources and references to help you learn more about the food you eat. Enjoy!

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