Grocery Store Tours

In today’s world, grocery shopping can be an overwhelming and confusing task if you're making an effort to improve their health. In 1980, the average grocery store contained around 15,000 products. Today, that number can be over 45,000, and the majority of those products are unhealthy. With the media constantly advertising questionable food claims and a food industry spending billions of dollars to persuade you to buy their products, its no wonder we’re confused.

During your grocery tour, I will take you aisle by aisle dispelling food myths and teaching you how to make the healthiest food choices for your family. We'll discuss brands, additives, food labels, eating on a budget, nutrient dense foods, and marketing ploys. And I'll teach you simple cooking tips that will get you started trying new foods sure to be a hit at your family table. 

The grocery store tour is 50 minutes long and available at any store within a 30 mile range of Charlotte, NC.  Cost is $175 by itself but is discounted if purchased with a coaching session. One family member may be included free of charge.